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Success Stories

The Care Team at Altoona Nursing & Rehabilitation Community

I sat down with a hospice nurse that has been coming to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for many years. She really wanted to talk about our nursing team and the compassion and care the team provides for hospice residents.

This nurse was proud to tell me today that one of our residents is graduating from hospice, after four years! The prospect that this resident would one day be able to graduate from hospice was highly unlikely. She had many wounds that were very large and deep, bouts of pneumonia and other health issues that made her very vulnerable and our staff was there for her every step of the way.

The team at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation deserves so much credit for always lending a hand to the hospice providers that work in our building. Our Certified Wound nurse Shannon, worked tirelessly with this hospice nurse to take care of our residents’ wounds. Shannon played a major role in her recovery.

Our medical team was always available for orders when it came to the care of this resident. Whenever a family asks about going into a community this hospice nurse does not hesitate to tell them Altoona Nursing and

We work as a team and truly care about the residents and the families we are here to serve. Everyone should be very proud of the work done at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Michelle Kelsey
Marketing Director

We would like to introduce every to Don. Don admitted to our community earlier this month for therapies and skilled services.

Don was born on a farm in Ogden, Iowa and grew up in Des Moines. Don attended Iowa State University and eventually graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. At a young age, Don realized he had a passion for boating and being out on the water. This passion motivated Don to build a sailboat for he and his wife when they retired. They eventually constructed the Wind Drifter 4, a 43 foot sailboat in their backyard. Don and his wife, Barbara, spent the better part of seven years sailing the Florida coast and The Bahamas. In addition to sailing, Don enjoyed scuba diving and finding shipwrecks in Lake Superior. 

We are grateful that Don has chosen Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation to partner with him on his wellness journey!

Say hello to Jeffrey! Jeffrey admitted to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in February under the care of Dr. Michael O’Conner.

During the course of his stay, Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapies were initiated to identify Jeffrey’s unique needs efficiently and effectively. Our rehab specialists tailored a specialized treatment plan to get Jeffrey back on track and back home. 

The therapy team provided skilled interventions to address the adaptation, compensation, and restoration potential of Jeffrey and coordinated with the interdisciplinary team to ensure appropriate clinical care areas were addressed. 

Jeffrey successfully discharged to home in March after a short rehabilitation stay.

We want to wish Jeffrey continued success and good health at home!

Doug was admitted to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for therapy following a brief hospital stay. Upon admission, Doug required the assistance of 2 people for all transers, walking, and activities of daily living to ensure his safety.

Doug received 2 weeks of Physical and Occupational therapy prior to discharging home. Upon discharge Doug was able to complete all activities of daily living independently and was walking short distances using his walker. Doug always had such a positive attitude and demonstrated such hard work.

Doug was very motivated to return home and with his motivation and strong family support, he was able to be home for the Holidays.

Upon his discharge, Meals on the GO were delivered to his home. This allowed a quick check-in to see how he is doing at home, during the visit he shared that he felt very at home at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Joan and Doug mentioned that everyone was so very king and if he had to do therapy again, he would choose Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation.

We wish Doug and his family continued success at home!

Rehabilitation to Home 12/21

“My last stay here was absolutely wonderful, it is like a fancy hotel to me!”

Cheryl is here for a short term Rehabilitation to Home. This is her second time here at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation, she liked us so much she came back!

Cheryl went into the Navy right out of High School for 2 and a half years. She also worked at Aussie Knoll in Des Moines making draperies, she actually made the drapes that now hang in the Senators Lounge and the Capital Building.

Cheryl is originally from Ohio but grew up in Pennsylvania. She has been married to Ed for 54 years. Together they have one son that lives on the Southside of Des Moines, she said not only did Ed graduate from Tech but their son was in the last class to graduate from Tech in 1985.

They love to go camping. One of her fondest memories is all the baking she did and all the goodies she gave to the neighbor kids to go door to door and hand out.

She is looking forward to going home just to be with Ed. She knows he can’t do all that she needs but she thinks she has worked hard enough in therapy that she will be able to do a lot for herself!

We want to wish Cheryl continued success!

Rehabilitation to home: 8/21

I was in such bad shape when I arrived at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation. Everyone kept telling me it will take time to heal my wounds, to move my arms and to walk. Now, I am walking distances with my walker and am going home! Therapy was a challenge, but we met my goals!

My name is Bill. My family and I have always lived in Des Moines. I am 1 of 13 siblings! I have worked all my life, mostly to help my family. I had my first job, tree trimming, in 1960. From that first job, I was able to start my own business, Young Tree Service! My nephew now runs the business, but I am still involved.

I was married for 52 years to the love of my life. Together we had 4 children. I will be going home to lots of family support!

I go to Prairie Meadows to exercise, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. My hobbies are to tell stories, joking around and to be with my family.

Thanks to everyone at Altoona, I will be getting back to my active life!

Rehab to Home Resident:Bill – June 21

Altoona Rehabilitation Success StoryI would like you to meet our wonderful Rehabilitation to Home resident, Helen. Helen is a resident of the Colfax area and has been for most of her life. Helen is the proud mother of 5 children. She also has 10 grand children, 24 great grand children and the number of great great
grandchildren is up for debate!

Helen and the family chose Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation because one of our CNA’s is a family friend. They are very happy they chose Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation because the food is amazing, the CNA’s are very nice(they attend to Helen’s needs) and of course
therapy is outstanding!

After a short stay at the hospital, Helen came to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation to become stronger. The bike in therapy has really helped her legs and arms get stronger. Therapy has also helped her shoulder, which she has had chronic pain, become stronger and the pain is subsiding.

Her daughter Georgia and son Mike come visit daily and are very devoted to their mother. We are happy to say Helen will be discharging to home because she is a lady that does for herself and is quite independent. She does her own laundry, makes her bed and gets dressed every morning!

We wish Helen continued success at home, thank you for choosing Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for your transition to home! Best wishes!

Rehabilitation to home Patient: Helen, July 2021

John admitted to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation after a short stay at the hospital. John is receiving Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapies.

He is very active in his community of Anita, Iowa. John is very independent and tries to stay busy. We are happy that he chose Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for his rehabilitation needs.

He is very proud of his grandchildren and loves to hang out with them, especially when they go boating! ZuZu, his Dachshund, also keeps John on his toes!

“Therapy is really working me hard, but I need to do the work to get home and resume my life! Your therapy gym is something to be very proud of! My stay here has been a 7 or an 8 out of 5 stars!”

We will miss John because his spirit lifts everyone up and you can not talk with him and not laugh or smile! His laugh is infectious! John, we wish you the best on your return home!

John at Rehab Gym

Today is such a beautiful day, perfect day to finish therapy and head home tomorrow. I really did not know what to expect because I have never been to a facility for therapy! I would hate to have to pick just one person from the staff and therapy to say they were the best, because everyone was so kind. I would give you all a 5 in care and also a 5+ for therapy! Of course the scale is 1-5, 5 being the best. Therapy has put up with my being hard of hearing and we still have gotten the job done! I am glad that I choose Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for my recovery needs.

My family is so wonderful. The picture of me with the baby Yodas is fun! 1 of my 12 grandchildren sent that to me, he will do anything to make me smile! I have 3 children, my family means the world to me. Thanks to everyone for all of the support and encouragement.


Altoona Rehabilitation Center Success Story

Hello my name is Joyce!

I came to Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for a short Rehab to Home stay. I had a terrible fall and broke both shoulders. I live in the Mitchellville area with my husband and I have 3 sons, all of their names start with R’s! I love being with my family, they mean the world to me. Last year we went camping over the 4th of July and had close to 400 family members camping! It was fantastic.

My family and I own an excavating company, so I can not wait to get my shoulders healed so I can operate the heavy equipment, one of my favorite things to do! I also have been teaching water aerobics at the Altoona campus for over 20 years. Therapy has been hard, but the team is patient and we take time outs if I am in pain.

Everyone here is doing their best to make my stay comfortable, and that includes a frosty a day! Thanks for everything to the therapy team and staff. This has taught me that I have to learn to be tough to fight back from this.

Skilled Resident: Joyce 6/20

Meals on the Go! Testimonial: Thanks for Sunday lunch!  You suggested I freeze some of the lovely meals you brought to our home shortly after Herb was discharged so I did.  The potpie made the meal really easy–cottage cheese with chopped fruit and fresh homemade snickerdoodles. He is improving a lot.  OT is finished and I suspect PT may end soon but we keep doing the exercises daily.  Nurses probably will continue until it’s advisable for him to have catheter changes done outpatient again.  He’s had telemedicine appointments and calls with his primary physician–dropped the one med that was adding to his confusion, and tweaking others since his pulse has been hovering in the 40s.  We are both very happy he is home!  Thank you again, personally, and the staff in general for caring -Alice Barrett

Hello, my name is Joann.  I had two broken legs, both breaks involved my femur.  I had to have 2 operations, back to back. I was in the hospital for 10 days, then they accepted me at Altoona.

My daughter works at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation and she said this was the best place to go for therapy, and I say “OK”.  I have been working with therapy every day and everyone has been there for every one of my needs. Whenever I need something, people are there!  Everyone has been excellent, and so very good to me. The people and the patients are very nice.

I do recommend Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation for care and for therapy.  I will have much success because of the care I have received at Altoona Nursing and Rehabilitation!


After a few short weeks working with our therapy team, Tom is ready to head home! Tom is looking forward to getting back to his own space and routine! It was our absolute pleasure to get to know you, Tom!

“The entire staff was more than willing and capable of helping me reach my goals ahead of schedule!”

– Tom

After a few short weeks working with our therapy team, Robert is headed back home to the routine that he loves. Robert, it was our absolute pleasure getting to know you!

“Blake and his therapy team supported me so I could reach my therapy goals!”

– Robert

After a few short weeks working with our therapy team, Karen is feeling like she’s ready to get back home and see her friends! Karen, it was our absolute pleasure getting to know you!

“I feel like everyone helped me get stronger so I could get home and see my friends!”

– Karen

After a few short weeks working with the therapy team, Bea is headed home to family, friends and her routine! Bea, it was our absolute pleasure to get to know you!

“Everybody has been so nice. They all go out of their way to help you!”

– Bea

After a few short weeks, Betty is heading home.  She’s looking forward to seeing her friends again at the senior center for lunch!  Betty, it was our absolute pleasure getting to know you!

“The therapy here helped me so much!  It strengthened my legs and arms and I feel strong because I have more muscles!

– Betty

After a few short weeks with us, Sherry is excited to get back home.  She looks forward to spending time with her husband and getting back into her routine.  Sherry, it was our absolute pleasure to get to know you!

“The therapy team made me the strongest I’ve been since high school.  They tailored a plan just for me and pushed me through it.”

– Sherry

After a few short weeks with us, John is excited to get back home to his wife.  He’s looking forward to being home, more road trips and visiting the farm!  John, it was our absolute pleasure to get to know you and your family!

“We couldn’t have been treated better here!  Everyone was kind and respectful!  Thank you!”

– John

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